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Dear Maui Vista Owner,

At the Annual Homeowners Meeting in November 2017, it was agreed to conduct a vote of the owners for approval of allowing owners to install Sunshades on their lanais.

This is a ballot for approval or disapproval for owners to install Skyshades® on their lanais.

Many owners are experiencing problems from heat gain into the condos due to the sun. Rising power costs regarding air conditioning, excessive heat, and fading furniture are the issues.

Over the years, sun shades on lanais have been considered; but design flaws in available products aborted those efforts. The Skyshade® product, which the board has approved, resolves the issues of holding up to the weather and not making noise during windy days.  The installation costs, maintenance and cleanings will be on the owners who choose to purchase the product with a uniform color, design and material approved by the board.  There would be no cost to the AOAO or to owners who choose not to purchase a Skyshade®.  No owner is obligated to install one.

Please vote For or Against allowing owners to install these sunshades at their own expense.  Again, a “Yes” vote does not obligate any owner to install a Skyshade®.

The following is a link for information, specifications and photographs of Skyshade®:; Email:;

Contact: Mark Coronesi, 808-879-9600.  A list of frequently asked questions is attached for your information. Skyshades  FAQs

If you reply online, please click “FORWARD”; in the body of the forwarded email, put an X under the appropriate option: Approve or Do Not Approve.  Add your name and unit number.  You may also FAX or mail your reply as noted below.  Vote as soon as possible, at least by 15 April 2018. As with similar votes, a simple majority of the votes cast will decide if the owners approve this issue.

                   APPROVE                               DO NOT APPROVE

___________                                 _______________


Name of Owner:  _______________________________    Unit Number(s) ______________


Forward by mail to:        Maui Vista AOAO

2191 South Kihei Road, Unit 1119

Kihei, HI   96753

FAX:   808-874-7097


View Printable Ballot

View Skyshades FAQs