Maui Vista’s PIP
(Pipe Inspection Program)

Maui Vista is aggressively trying to complete inspection of interior walls
before the end of this year. The pipe inspection is meant to identify
any suspicious (corroded, rusty, cracked) pipes in the wall that we
can change out before a major water incident occurs that affects you and the
neighboring units. The inspections were in direct response to our master policy
broker‘s concern about the number of claims we’ve had over the last few years.

We currently have 57 units left to inspect by the end of 2016 and request
all owners and agents to support this effort when contacted.

The inspections include a review of the hot water tanks, water shut offs,
faucets and running toilet or slow draining issues in each unit. Recent inspections
identified temperature pressure relief valves as worn out, frozen or and
drain hoses angling an upward grade for release rather than angling downward
to connect to the copper pipe in the wall. The link below
is an article addressing basic information on “On Demand” hot water tanks and how
to care for standard hot water tanks so owners can avoid problems.

Water Tank Maintenance