Following Saturday’s state-wide incoming missile alert, numerous owners emailed asking if we had a response plan for such an event.  We make an effort to prepare for every event and quite frankly, nuclear detonation wasn’t one that was considered until now.

To ease minds, I have prepared a response document (see link below) which was taken off the Maui County Emergency Management Agency website.  It provides basic guidance until a more detailed plan can be created.

You will note that currently, the state of Hawaii does not have designated blast or fallout shelters.

Maui Vista Nuclear Response

Victoria Reyes, CMCA, AMS

General Manager

Maui Vista, AOAO

808-874-5252 or 808-268-5666

Owners and Property Managers

Please use the MV reservation system


The Maui Vista AOAO (Association Of Apartment Owners) office is happy to assist guests to register if the guest has the reservation paperwork. If they don’t, the office refers to the reservation system for that information.

Some owners and managers still don’t use the AOAO’s reservation system. This leaves your guests stranded, perplexed and angry. Signs with property manager’s phone numbers are posted, but guests most often don’t know who to call.

  • Guests of owners using online websites believe Maui Vista is a hotel with a 24/7 desk; they bring a reservation number with them and think we can access it. Unless you or your agent use the reservation system, the office and security are unable to direct guests.
  • To avoid guests ending up in a hotel, owners and agents need to coordinate efforts to ensure arrivals are either in the system or confirm guests have received unit information prior to arrival and remind them to bring this information with them.
  • Renting units has become a complicated business since the implementation of online Hotel booking websites. It takes extra effort to successfully arrange a smooth arrival for each guest who wants to enjoy their tropical vacation.
  • If you do not have the reservation “link”, haven’t received a password or would like a different password to make it easier, please contact the office at 808-874-5252 or email aoaomv@gmail.com.