Maui Vista supports all owners wishing to remodel but we require you to notify the office 24 hours in advance of any remodeling projects regardless of scope of work.

All unit upgrades require notification to the office with submission of the appropriate paperwork on our website.   

We have revised our remodeling forms for clarity and hopefully, make it easier for all owners.

Please read the form’s instructions on the 1st page of each form.  If you have questions about the forms, or have specific requests that are not shown in the forms, please call the office at 808-874-5252 or 808-875-5373.

Maui Vista Remodeling Forms

  1. Form AA1 – Use if you are remodeling without a contractor.
  2. Form AA2 – Use if you’ve hired a contractor.
  3. Form AA3 – Use if your upgrade changes the common area.
  4. Form AA4 – Use if you “started” remodeling and now hired a contractor.
  5. Form AA3 – Use if you “Add” or “Alter” Plans