Many owners, cleaners and agents have found wet sheetrock and/or wet spots on their walls resulting in finding leaks.  An owner purchased a moisture alarm and has recommended that we share this information with you and a potential early detection of leaks.

Moisture alarms placed in strategic areas such as under your kitchen and bathroom sinks, refrigerator, hot water tank area, and under dishwashers may 1) detect leaks before they cause costly water damage; 2) detects moisture before mold can grow; and 3) is an inexpensive safeguard where water or moisture can collect.

There are a number of moisture alarms available on the market (see website link) and they can be found on Home Depot, Lowe’s, or online at Amazon.  Some have alarms that sound when moisture is detected, some more expensive high tech systems can text the owner to notify you when moisture is detected.

Note: Keep in mind that although a water alarm will save you the chore of looking for leaks under sinks and in out of the way places you’ll still need to check on the leak detector(s) periodically to be sure they are working properly.

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Parking Stickers

Beginning October 1, 2013 Maui Vista Owners can begin obtaining the new 2014 red and green parking stickers. Please bring in copies of proof of insurance and your car registration.


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