Owner Reference


Many owners rent their units out month-to-month. The office registers and issues parking permits but, we do not correspond with tenants as we do owners and agents. This means owners/agents need to communicate schedules for pest control, Spectrum work and water shut offs. Specifically, tenants need to be aware of the 2018 pipe casting schedule for buildings 2 and 3 as the units cannot be occupied for 5 days.

Owners with long term tenants are required to have on-island agent address tenant needs. With that, several owners entrust, and have authorized, resident owners to enter, review or inspect units for them.

While this is a recognized practice, the owner is obligated to ensure the authorized resident owner is familiar with the Landlord-Tenant laws so they do not encroach upon the tenants’ privacy by entering a unit illegally, without the state-required 2 day notice provided to the tenant.

Below is a link to the Hawaii Landlord Tenant Handbook for owners renting their unit month-to-month and for those owners who have authorization to enter a unit with long term tenants in residency.

Hawaii Landlord Tenant Handbook



Regardless of extended efforts and best intentions to
ensure accuracy in our mailing packets, errors can emerge.

Specifically, the Proxy Form enclosed in your recently-received
homeowner mailing packet displays incorrect meeting
location and date of our upcoming homeowners meeting.

A Proxy is crucial to reach ‘quorum’ for the association meeting
and correct information on the form is essential.

Please use the corrected forms attached to this email.

Review, sign and return the Proxy to us with other documents you return.

 Proxy Instructions
Proxy Form

To owners who previously submitted their signed Proxy, please take a moment
and complete the corrected Proxy to ensure its authenticity.

Homeowners Meeting

November 4, 2017   9:30am


Kahili Golf Club
Nahele Banquet Room