Maui Vista AOAO Policy – Revised May, 2016

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Date:  10/10/2014
Date:  5/18/2016
Prepared by:  Barry Richardson
Board Approved Date:  11/08/2014
Board Approved Date:  5/19/2016

Maui Vista Parking Lot Management Policy

Maui Vista’s main lot has approximately 280 parking spaces.

Maui Vista has 280 condos, therefore the policy of one condo, one parking space.

Owners, who have renters/guests who bring a vehicle and occupy their condos, must remove their personal vehicle from the main lot prior to their tenant/visitor/guest taking residency*.

There are approximately 35 additional parking spaces in the back, and these spaces are available for rent to owners and long-term tenants/guests (residing at MV for >6months a year) who have an additional vehicles.

Guests with a 2nd vehicle or tenants with visitors and/or sleep over guests will receive temporary parking documentation from the front office for a fee of $20 up to 7 days.  A 2nd vehicle on property longer than 7 days will be charged $35.00 for parking.

Owners and Long Term Tenant’s authorization to park (stickers available at the front office)

Green Free main lot parking for active cars only.  Owners who leave their condos vacant while away from Maui Vista, and/or cover their vehicle for storage, must be parked at the north facing east end of the main lot.
Red For reserved parking in the back lot only.

The few numbered spaces in the back may be reserved by owners/tenants on a first-come, as-available basis for a $35.00 monthly fee or a $360.00 per calendar year fee paid by 31 January for the entire year.

Owners who use only a portion of the year are to be charged the regular rate of $35.00 per month.

Both Red and Green Owners who pay for a reserved space, have one vehicle and do not rent their units, may park in either the reserved or main parking lot in either high or low season.
Red or Green Owners who live here part time and rent their condo when they are not here, must rent a reserve space for their vehicle when they leave.

Their green sticker needs to be exchanged for a red one (and they will be billed monthly for the reserved space rental).

Owners with more than one vehicle: a green sticker will be issued to one vehicle for the main parking area, and a red sticker issued for any additional vehicle(s) (which must be parked in a reserved space during high season).  Owners will decide which car/s will have the red sticker and they will pay for a reserved parking space for each.  During low season (April 16 to October 15) vehicles with red tags that would normally be parked in the back may use the main lot. The “extra vehicle fee” of $35.00 per month must still be paid.


  • Only owners and their resident visitors, guests, and/or tenants may park their respective vehicles over night at Maui Vista.
  •  ALL vehicles parked at Maui Vista must be clean or otherwise “not” being used as a storage container, esthetically presentable, have a current sticker, and be able to put into operable condition in case it needs to be moved in an emergency.
  • Owners arranging to place their vehicles in a State-approved “storage mode” will be required to turn in their license plates to authorized officials and must provide State documents to the office authenticating the vehicle’s status to be parked at Maui Vista.”
  • Owners who do “not” rent their unit and are leaving the island are asked to park their vehicle at the NE corner of the property, and leave a set of keys with the office in case the vehicles needs to be moved.”
  • No boats, campers, catamarans, trailers etc. may be parked at Maui Vista.
  • Towing unauthorized vehicles from Maui Vista will be implemented when necessary (after a 24 hour notification has been communicated to the individual signing the parking agreement and/or the condo owner).


Hierarchy of renting a reserved parking space:

  1. Owners’ first vehicle (top priority, space is reserved for as long as the owner pays for and maintains it).
  2. Owners’ second vehicle (second priority, space is reserved for as long as the owner pays for and maintains it).
  3. Tenants’ second vehicle (third priority, space is reserved for as long as the tenant pays for and maintains it).
  4. Owners’ third vehicle (space is rented month to month, meaning this vehicle can be removed after a 2 week notice) but not before a number 5 priority vehicle
  5. Tenants’ third vehicle (space is rented month to month meaning this vehicle can be removed after a two week notice)

If the reserved lot is full, and an owner or tenant needs to rent a space for his second vehicle, the most recent rental to a number 5 level rental will need to surrender his space after a two week notification.

If there is no number 5 candidate, move up to number four. Once these number 4 and 5 priority rentals have been cycled out, candidate renters may sign a waiting list for the next available space.

Maui Vista Parking Lot Access

Maui Fire Department requires 20’ of roadway to access our property.  On occasion, Maui Vista has contractors, plumbers, carpet cleaners and delivery vendors parking in various locations protruding into the parking lot area.

Our parking lot access width measures over the required 20 feet.  Large or long vehicles belonging to the various contractors are recognized to be temporary and on property a minimal amount of time.  These vehicles will be allowed to park on property between the hours of 8am to 6pm.

Should an owner or guest have a large/long vehicle that will be on property permanently, the office will direct them to park at the East end of the parking lot facing North.

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In order to ensure all owners that insurance coverage is present when damage occurs, Maui
Vista has revised their HO6 policy to require owners to submit their Declaration page on the
date their insurance expires rather than waiting to submit twice a year as was previously
being done. The revised HO6 policy link is below.

Owners with DWELLING coverage less than $10,000 should be advised that the AOAO has
a $10,000 deductible on their master insurance policy and if damage occurs either “to” your
unit or “from” your unit, the master policy will not take effect until damage exceeds the
$10,000 deductible limit, which means owners will have “out-of-pocket” expenses up to that
Amount. This is the reason behind our recommendation that insurance “Dwelling” coverage
be at least $10,000. Please contact your insurance agent and advise him/her that the AOAO
has this $10,000 deductible so they can assist you in acquiring reasonable coverage.

HO6 Policy

Noise level standards for quiet time* (between 10PM & 8AM) at Maui Vista

OUTSIDE Readings: Turn the CM-130 SPL meter on and place the black foam end approximately two feet from the air conditioner under test…. After 4 seconds press the “max” button… Wait another 4 seconds and read the number that shows on the screen. If the reading is 78db or higher the offending air conditioner needs to be turned off** until fixed or replaced. If it is below 78db the air conditioner is operating within acceptable noise limits.

INSIDE Readings: Place the meter where the tenant/owner normally sits/sleeps (or wherever he/she is when inconvenienced by the noise). Turn the Checkmate model CM-130 SPL meter on and, after a few seconds, read the sound level numbers that appear on the screen. Noise levels shall not exceed 55db for more than 6 seconds per minute or 3 seconds per half minute (30 seconds). If the screen consistently shows readings in excess of 55db, the A/C (noise source) being measured needs to be turned off** until fixed or replaced.

-Rule of thumb: If the majority of the time (90%), the numbers are reading below 55, the A/C under test (it’s outside in the walkway) has passed. If you see 55 or higher appearing on the screen more than 10% of the time, the A/C under test has failed.


-it is important to not talk during testing. The meter will record all sounds and normal speaking levels often exceed 60db.

– All the proper settings on the meter are preset.

-The state Department of Health has established the noted noise levels as the standard.


*AOAO staff will take the readings during the daytime

**owners have 7 business days to make necessary repairs/replacement before the offending A/C is turned off.

if the meter does not turn on……..replace the 9Volt battery