Unwanted items are frequently left on the ledge of the waterfall in building 2 as an offering for others to take.  The result however, is a waterfall feature that ends up looking like a garbage storage area.

We will be looking into different ways owners can give away unwanted items and/or swap between them without having to leave them at the waterfall even though this is not happening at any other building on property.

It is not attractive to anyone, staff have to dispose of the items, and it ruins the ambiance of building 2’s entry area.

Please do not leave items on the ledge at the waterfall areas.





AUGUST 31, 2016

Every year in September the association mails out information to all owners.  Some of those are documents that require owners to review, complete and mail back in a timely manner.

Each year there are questions that arise about the forms and how to properly complete them.  Every year an owner questions the need for completing the Owners Update Form and Owner’s Certification of Use.

With these issues in mind, please check below for clarification.



“The minimum # of owners required to hold the meeting.”

For Maui Vista, that’s > 50%.

“Box 1” Allows you to be “counted” to achieve quorum in order to meet bylaws quorum requirements, which is >50%.  Check this box, sign and return even if you plan on attending the meeting or assign your vote proxy to another individual. Please note: Owners submitting director votes are automatically counted in the quorum (you don’t have to check Box 1).



“This form extends options of ‘written authorization’ to you when you want to appoint another individual to vote on your behalf.”

“Box 2”   Allows you to appoint another individual to vote on your behalf at the meeting by writing in that person’s name, you must sign and return the document for it to be valid.  

“Box 3”  Allows the owner to request his vote be applied along with the a vote of the Board of Directors.

“Box 4”   Gives each director an equal percentage of your vote as shared.


NOTE:  Homeowners’ Meeting:  11/5/16 – Kahili Golf Course


Detail of modifications to the ideas for Owners Needing to Revise Bedroom A/C’s

Below are three photos of an A/C “box” that complies with the new Maui Vista A/C rules.

1 – Shows the A/C from the outside. (click to view full image)


2 -Shows an A/C from the inside with the removable top off, and with the top on. (click to view full image)

Inside with top off

3 – The last photo shows a condensate bucket below the box. (click to view full image)

Inside finished

The bucket has a red light that turns on when the water reaches a certain level and a buzzer goes off when the water moves a half inch higher.

In addition, a dial timer prevents operation of the A/C for more than a maximum of 6 hours.



Maui Vista supports all owners wishing to remodel but we require you to notify the office 24 hours in advance of any remodeling projects regardless of scope of work.

All unit upgrades require notification to the office with submission of the appropriate paperwork on our website.   

We have revised our remodeling forms for clarity and hopefully, make it easier for all owners.

Please read the form’s instructions on the 1st page of each form.  If you have questions about the forms, or have specific requests that are not shown in the forms, please call the office at 808-874-5252 or 808-875-5373.

Maui Vista Remodeling Forms

  1. Form AA1 – Use if you are remodeling without a contractor.
  2. Form AA2 – Use if you’ve hired a contractor.
  3. Form AA3 – Use if your upgrade changes the common area.
  4. Form AA4 – Use if you “started” remodeling and now hired a contractor.
  5. Form AA3 – Use if you “Add” or “Alter” Plans



Many owners, cleaners and agents have found wet sheetrock and/or wet spots on their walls resulting in finding leaks.  An owner purchased a moisture alarm and has recommended that we share this information with you and a potential early detection of leaks.

Moisture alarms placed in strategic areas such as under your kitchen and bathroom sinks, refrigerator, hot water tank area, and under dishwashers may 1) detect leaks before they cause costly water damage; 2) detects moisture before mold can grow; and 3) is an inexpensive safeguard where water or moisture can collect.

There are a number of moisture alarms available on the market (see website link) and they can be found on Home Depot, Lowe’s, or online at Amazon.  Some have alarms that sound when moisture is detected, some more expensive high tech systems can text the owner to notify you when moisture is detected.

Note: Keep in mind that although a water alarm will save you the chore of looking for leaks under sinks and in out of the way places you’ll still need to check on the leak detector(s) periodically to be sure they are working properly.

Website Link: