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Noise level standards for quiet time* (between 10PM & 8AM) at Maui Vista

OUTSIDE Readings: Turn the CM-130 SPL meter on and place the black foam end approximately two feet from the air conditioner under test…. After 4 seconds press the “max” button… Wait another 4 seconds and read the number that shows on the screen. If the reading is 78db or higher the offending air conditioner needs to be turned off** until fixed or replaced. If it is below 78db the air conditioner is operating within acceptable noise limits.

INSIDE Readings: Place the meter where the tenant/owner normally sits/sleeps (or wherever he/she is when inconvenienced by the noise). Turn the Checkmate model CM-130 SPL meter on and, after a few seconds, read the sound level numbers that appear on the screen. Noise levels shall not exceed 55db for more than 6 seconds per minute or 3 seconds per half minute (30 seconds). If the screen consistently shows readings in excess of 55db, the A/C (noise source) being measured needs to be turned off** until fixed or replaced.

-Rule of thumb: If the majority of the time (90%), the numbers are reading below 55, the A/C under test (it’s outside in the walkway) has passed. If you see 55 or higher appearing on the screen more than 10% of the time, the A/C under test has failed.


-it is important to not talk during testing. The meter will record all sounds and normal speaking levels often exceed 60db.

– All the proper settings on the meter are preset.

-The state Department of Health has established the noted noise levels as the standard.


*AOAO staff will take the readings during the daytime

**owners have 7 business days to make necessary repairs/replacement before the offending A/C is turned off.

if the meter does not turn on……..replace the 9Volt battery