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In order to ensure all owners that insurance coverage is present when damage occurs, Maui
Vista has revised their HO6 policy to require owners to submit their Declaration page on the
date their insurance expires rather than waiting to submit twice a year as was previously
being done. The revised HO6 policy link is below.

Owners with DWELLING coverage less than $10,000 should be advised that the AOAO has
a $10,000 deductible on their master insurance policy and if damage occurs either “to” your
unit or “from” your unit, the master policy will not take effect until damage exceeds the
$10,000 deductible limit, which means owners will have “out-of-pocket” expenses up to that
Amount. This is the reason behind our recommendation that insurance “Dwelling” coverage
be at least $10,000. Please contact your insurance agent and advise him/her that the AOAO
has this $10,000 deductible so they can assist you in acquiring reasonable coverage.

HO6 Policy

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A few palm trees are unsafe for the trimmers to climb, and must be removed. There is also a pine tree at the east end of building two that needs to be removed as its expanding root structure threatens the water, stand and irrigation pipes, as well as the power, phone, internet, and cable TV signal wires. The Maui Vista consulting Arborist and the two Island Plant Arborists have alerted us to these issues, and will continue to work with the AOAO Landscaping Committee to manage them.