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You all may know by now that hurricanes Iselle and Julio are reportedly headed toward Hawaii. At this time, they are expected to be reduced to tropical depression storms of > 65mph winds before arriving on Maui. The weather service is monitoring the storm and in response, Maui Vista staff will begin posting notices to all owners/guests/tenants in the next 24 hours regarding the possibility of heavy rains and winds approaching the island. Specifically, we will be advising everyone to bring lanai furniture inside either before, when, and if, the anticipated storm hits Maui. This will achieve the elimination of flying debris during heavy winds. Those of you with multiple items on your lanai may wish to have advance notice to remove or secure these items.

If the storm culminates, staff will open Maui Vista’s Emergency Operation Center located in building 3 on the first floor next to the elevator. Security and staff will be available to all owners, guests and arriving guests to hand out the attached notice so they know what to expect and what to do should this storm culminate. Prior to the impending storm, efforts will take place to close pools, secure pool furniture, secure tools and equipment on property, turn off propane at all BBQ areas, and secure tools and outdoor areas throughout the property. If winds begin to escalate MV staff will take elevator cars to the 4th floor and turn off power per Otis Elevator in order to avoid mechanical problems either from winds or rain. Owners, guests and tenants will be advised to use stairwells during this time if they have to go outside. Otherwise we advise all occupants at Maui Vista to remain inside during the storms. In the meantime, please monitor weather on your radios or televisions to keep updated. Maui County Civil Defense will implement a warning when and if necessary.

Please note, this notification is not intended to create panic among owners, guests or tenants, but rather to advise all occupants at Maui Vista that we are aware of the weather approaching. We intend to hand out this written guidance for everyone to get knowledgably prepared while remaining confident that we are acting in the best interest of our owners, guests and tenants on property.

It will not be our intent to initiate or recommend evacuation of our property. FEMA identifies Maui Vista as mid-level high rise buildings having less than 10 floors in either of our 3 buildings. Occupants are believed to be safe if they remain in their units with adequate preparation, which this attachment is intended to provide.

I met with Security and all staff today. Together we will coordinate availability on property before, during and after the storm to assist where needed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or the office directly.

Also Note: WATCHES and WARNINGS issued by Civil Defense can be cancelled at any time. However, Maui Vista is taking these steps now to ensure the safety of our owners, guests and tenants to ensure preparation – just in case.

Maui Vista Emergency Response