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November 24, 2015

Dear Maui Vista Homeowner:

This year’s Homeowners’ Meeting had a 63.9% quorum. There were two candidates (Barry Richardson, and Jim Erickson) for the two open seats on the board. Since there were two candidates for two seats, the vote was passed by acclamation. Barry Richardson and Jim Erickson were elected to join Chet Hodgson, Peggy Ann Shea and Don Smart on your 2016 board.

For 2016 there will be no increase in maintenance fees
There are no anticipated 2016 special assessments


Your participation in Maui Vista is encouraged.
–    If you’d like to run for the board merely send a 100 word resume to the
front office before August 31, 2016, so your candidacy will be included
in the Homeowners’ meeting mailing.

–   If you’d like to join a committee:

Landscaping Committee: Contact Donna Neal at:

By-laws and House Rules Revision Committee:
Contact Peggy Shea at:

Long Term Planning Committee:
Contact Don Smart at:


1.   HNU Energy Company is evaluating how best to add solar panels to power the AOAO common element loads (exhaust fans, pool motors etc.). The flat portions of our roofs are the ideal dimensions to house the photovoltaic cells to power our common element loads. There are still some sticky issues* to resolve before a full report and approval/disapproval ballot will be sent to each owner for a vote.

*The roof on which the PV cells will be attached is more than half way through its useful life. It therefore makes little sense to install all the PV cells then in 7-9 years pull them all off so the roof can be resurfaced. HNU is crunching the numbers to determine if the AOAO can still save money on solar power if they add the cost of re-roofing before installing the PV cells. There are also some cosmetic considerations about where the support electronics (to complete the conversion of DC voltage (what the PV cells generate) to AC voltage) are to be housed. It’s looking like additional buildings will need to be constructed as the existing power rooms are too small.

2.   Air conditioners were the topic of considerable discussion at the homeowners’ meeting. A motion was put forward by several of the owners to have all bedroom A/C’s, that face onto the walkways, be replaced with interior models where the exhaust is removed by a tube that vents through the bedroom window. A ballot has been emailed to each owner to determine if we need to remove all bedroom window A/C’s

To contact the Maui Vista AOAO office:

E-mail address: 
Telephone:                   (808) 879-5373
Fax:                              (808) 874-7097

Maui Vista’s Website:

The website is continually being updated. Please check it regularly to keep current on the events, activities and issues at Maui Vista.


You are welcome to attend any/all meetings. They start at 9:30AM. The final location will be posted on the website a couple of weeks prior to the meeting.

2016 meetings are scheduled for:
Thursday – February 11, 2016
Thursday – April 28, 2016
Thursday – August 4, 2016 *
(*Date is tentative, based on board members’ schedules)

Saturday  – November 5, 2016
(Annual homeowners’ meeting)


Barry Richardson

Maui Vista AOAO Board by
Barry Richardson, President